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Why Choose Valuations Partner 

Three quarters of companies in the world don’t know their value and almost none of the small businesses are valuing their businesses because:

  • Offline valuations are usually very costly for small firms

  • Language is complex, services are sophisticated and not user friendly

  • Transparency and dedication is very limited


As companies starting to have more intangible assets and goodwill; non-digital, hands-on, affordable valuations are becoming more and more important every day.


Core Values

Affordable   |    

In Valuations Partner, our main belief is that all business owners without exception, have the right to receive professional services at affordable fees. 

Expert   |    

We care about each process, each stage and each method. But we care most about your targets and the solutions that get you there. Refining and adapting our services to your targets is our experts' main task.

Honest & Transparent   |    

Your trust is one asset we will not compromise. This has always created our unique bond with our clients and we are determined to ensure same level of mutual loyalty at all times.

Instructive   |    

In a world of complex language and data, we are committed to serve you with simplicity and information. It is a primary target for all steps of our process, to make clients feel in-control and get them knowledgeable.

Confidential   |    

If there was one value to prioritize over others, "confidentiality" would be it. We respect all stakeholders and information provided by them. We promote confidentiality as part of our corporate culture at Valuations Partner.

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