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Drawing on a Board

The Service We Provide

We are a business valuation, growth and exit advisory services company at affordable price range with a fast, transparent, instructive model designed for startups & small companies.


Through our model, business owners will learn the actual price of their company, understand positive and negative value factors, start increasing value of their business and reach their dreams with the most important asset of their lives.

To assign value, we use many methods mainly discounted cash flows, asset based model, trade comparisons, price/earnings, capital asset pricing model, fair values, and owner values.

Valuation methods are determined based on your target and company size.

Value Journey


Free Review Session

Professional services do not always have to be hard to reach.

We have observed that most transactions fail due to asking so much effort and time from the business owners. This stage is a simple kick-off tool to start our services  immediately with no expectation or obligation from our clients. 


When your review session is completed, we will be able to assess your needs and determine which service will suit your target.



Our Certified Experts will craft your offline, tailored “Valuation Report”.


Your report will show you the analysis of your current status, country and industry outlook, methods of valuation, applications of valuation methods, historical and projected earnings and conclusion.


Your report will be followed by a session where we start discussing your positive (+) and negative (-)

value factors and how to increase value of your company (if you are not urgently selling)



Now that we have met you and decided our service type based on your target and size, we can receive the input that is needed for our valuation process.


Your valuation type will be selected specifically as per your executive business targets.


Not only documents and performance of your business will determine your value , it is very important to understand your company's story and management statements so we can reveal your intangible values and goodwill. Whether you are a profitable company or not, details make difference in business transactions.



At this stage, we will accompany you during investor, buyer or bank meetings and continue increasing your company's value through

value-creation workshops tailored as per your company's positive and negative value factors.

We strongly believe that start-ups and small companies deserve as much support as big companies.


Our mission is to make them feel that way.


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